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My Story

It’s no accident you’re reading this.

Hi! I’ll bet we have some things in common. I’ve been a seeker and healer all of my life, First a massage therapist and then a nurse. I have been married, divorced, widowed, and I am a single Mom. All along I had relationships that did not serve my highest good. Over and over again.

For 2 long years I mucked through widowhood after being the main breadwinner in an unhappy marriage, a single mom, young twins, working 12 hour ICU shifts, and generally wearing myself thin.

There was little of my life for me and I started to question –why am I in this life that I never would have foreseen or designed? What is in this life for me, who do I want to be? What do I want to give and receive? What behaviors do I need to change and actions do I need to take to get different results?

So I started looking for answers. I was coached by some of the most talented coaches, read, practiced spiritual work ,received energy work. I enrolled in a yearlong coaching certification course.



Along the way I got in awesome shape both mentally and physically and met my loving man. My kids have thrived. They have learned to have a big vision for themselves by my example. And, they are learning the tools to attain that.

Last year I left my nursing career to start my coaching business because I know I can help other women ages 50 and up to find the answers to fill them up and light up their heart, and let them soar with freedom.

Radiate your happiness in high vibration. Know that what you bring to the world is important.

As women 50+ we must be fulfilled in all areas of our lives to give our gifts to the world.

I coach Women 50+ to get unstuck, so they can live the life they desire.

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